Writer Boot camp #1 – Even if you know me well, you don’t know this

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image.png Even if you know me well, you don’t know this." Jack said as he slowly withdrew the knife from his doctors’ bag. "I used to be a surgeon once, a man before my time. They ridiculed and scoffed at my unorthodox approach, they said I was insane."

"Finding solace at the bottom of a bottle and comfort in the arms of harlots, my true genius lost in the annals of history", he fumed whilst arranging his tools of the trade. "Well, they will know of me, speak of me in hushed tones."

The calmness in his voice was almost reassuringly confident, a bedside manner that instilled confidence and trust. "You see my dear, the unfortunate ones are discarded by society, but I discovered their true potential. Through our many encounters I came to the realization that despite our different social standing, we all want, nay, need the same thing." he said, his voice taking on an ominous tone. "We all crave acceptance and I, I crave knowledge above all else, and knowledge of human anatomy more so."

My dear Mary Jane, even if you know me well, you did not know this."

Writers Boot camp – commit to write an post in 60 minutes every day of July 2014.