The Microsoft Cool-Aid

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I must say that I was very impressed with Microsoft this week. I discovered two utilities that is extremely useful, one of them that will actually make me some money 🙂

Sooo..starting with the first episode of my "5 Things I’ve learned this week" series, here is a few things I’ve learned and/or rediscovered this past week.

  1. Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access, as mentioned in my previous post.
  2. Microsoft SQL Server Publishing Wizard, this tool can script your database and the data within it.
  3. How to disable the User Account Control in Vista.
  4. Getting things to work in Vista is pretty tricky, but once it does it’s very nice…no really it is.
  5. Calendardrawer control for .Net, had a look at the website, definitely something I can use later.

Well, there is my 5 things for this week. I must admit, it was not as easy as I thought to learn 5 new things, or rather it was harder to remember them all than to learn them 🙂