The cost of bad design

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The cost of bad design

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Pieter van der Westhuizen
·Jul 30, 2007·

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I’ve used Jasc Paint Shop Pro a few years ago and really liked it because of it’s ease of use, and recently wanted to buy the latest version for myself. Well, first thing I noticed was that Jasc does no longer exist apparently.Jasc has joined Corel. At first I was a bit affronted, oh no! Will I still be able to get Paint Shop Pro? Sooo, I wandered over to the Corel site.

Great! They still had Paint Shop Pro, the latest version is 11, and it is very nicely priced, so I decided to spend the $69.99, and get the latest version. Right, so after creating an account, filling in all my details, I finally added Paint Shop Pro PHOTO XI Full to my shopping cart.

What a deal! You get the Create Edition 2 collection,valued at $19.95 free!. I clicked the Secure Checkout button, and filled in my details like so:

I then excitedly clicked the save button, only to be presented with the save form…confused I checked if any details were wrong or missing and could find none. So, I clicked Save again.
Again, I was presented with exactly the same form…a bit frustrated but still wanting Paint Shop Pro XI enough to try and figure this checkout maze out. I unticked the "My shipping address is the same as my billing address."option and filled in my Shipping Address details, which by the way is exactly the same as my Billing Address.
With batted breath and enthusiasm I anxiously clicked the Save button again…..nothing man. The exact same form, exact same problem.

Now at this stage I kind of started to get just a tiny bit agitated with this checkout hell. But the problem solver in me jumped in just in time, and I figured, "OK, maybe this is a browser issue". I’ve been using Firefox, and maybe something on this page did not like Firefox, so I opened Internet Explorer.

With a final desperate attempt I signed into my account, added Paint Shop Pro PHOTO XI to my shopping cart, was still impressed with getting the Creative Editions 2 collection absolutely free, and clicked on the Secure Checkout button. I very thoroughly filled in my Billing and Shipping Address, taking care not to make any mistakes, crossed my fingers and clicked the Save button….

I was presented with the following form:

YES!!! The exact same form! Aaaaarggghhh!! After that I closed my browser and happily resorted to using MS Paint for all my graphical editing needs.

Ok, ok , so what’s my point? My point is, that Corel just lost $69.99 due to bad design. The customer was trapped in a order checkout maze, from which he could not escape and took the easiest way out…close his browser and cancelling the sale.
Now I know $69.99 might not be a lot, but still. Am I safe to assume that all customers wanting to buy anything from Corel’s online store experience the same frustration? How much is that costing them.

Anyways, that’s my two cents…now back to trying to get MS Paint to get something transparent.

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