Codename: Alexandria

Yes! Development has switched to full gear on my latest project. Codenamed Alexandria this project is a system to help companies with an in-house library to keep track of all materials in the library.

What I’m most excited about is that this is my first project where I use CSLA.Net. Already the CSLA.Net Framework is showing it’s metal, the security model I’m using fits like a glove into this framework. Rockford Lhotka has really done a smashing job.

Oh yeah…Why Alexandria?No, it’s not an long lost love…it’s named after the great Library of Alexandria. I thought it is a fitting name 🙂

Onto the 5 things I’ve learned this week:

  1. Setting up the D-Link DI-624 Wireless Router is really easy, as a matter of fact, I’m typing this post via wireless access.
  2. Getting MSN Messenger to work through this router.
  3. The fabFORCE DBDesigner is a really nice util, but I could not get it to work nicely on SQL Server 2005.
  4. LLBLGen uses the Netron graphics library, but you can get similar Graph/Diagram controls/libraries here and here.
  5. LLBLGen is still a bit expensive for a guy just starting out with his own thing, MyGeneration is a nice FREE Code Gen/ORM Mapping tool.

Right…back to the greatest library system ever written ;o)