Marketing asked for in-app analytics. Now what?

Marketing asked for in-app analytics. Now what?

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Creating and selling software has changed and are still changing. The days of only one or two big companies developing software everyone uses, are long gone. With the dawn of the internet age software companies no longer compete on a local basis only, but rather on a global basis.

To stay relevant and ahead of your competitors, you need to know who your customers are and what needs you have to satisfy. Software companies need to ask themselves important questions about their applications, such as:

  • Who uses our software?

  • How do people use our software?

  • Why do people use our software?

  • Which features are being used the most?

  • Which features are used the least, and why?

Design decisions are often made by development managers or even the software developers which normally involves a lot of guesswork, personal ideas, long-standing employees’ experiences with the product or even anecdotal evidence or feedback from a small selection of users. But unfortunately, the problem with these approaches are that what irks Peter does not necessarily bother Paul.

What if marketing had the ability to discover patterns based on your users behaviour? What if they could discover why so many people download your trial version but never buy the full product?

TrackToAct aims to bridge the gap between the user and the app marketer. It is also the only tool specifically designed to help you maximize the conversion rate of your trial users into paying customers and most importantly, retain them. By allowing app marketers to gain insight into users’ behaviour, TrackToAct enables the appropriate actions in order to keep the user engaged during the free trial period.

image.png Figure 1 Track specific user actions by region then drill-in for deeper insights

By giving the marketer the ability to monitor which parts of the application the user use and how they use it, marketers may respond with in-app messages tailored to guide the user. Prospective customers feel their specific needs are important and being addressed which is beneficial for all parties involved.

Tracking whether new features are being used or if users are only sticking to the features they know and trust, can give you invaluable insight on improving your product’s marketing efforts as well as the ability to determine whether your current marketing channels are effective in converting prospective trial users into paying customers.

image.png Figure 2 Gain insights into how many users installed, and then uninstalled your product

From a technical perspective, TrackToAct offers easy integration into your existing code base and its ease of use allows users to quickly learn, use and interpret usage data, allowing you to make informed interactions with app users.

Keep watching this space on more news and information on how TrackToAct can help improve your conversion rates and engagement.


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